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SoCal LandScape Services

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By RGB landscaping
Demo and Renovation
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Renovate Your Landscape

If your landscape has become outdated or just plain boring, you can choose to update individual features or overhaul the entire space. By redesigning the layout, adding new plants or features, removing or replacing existing elements, and overall increasing your property value, or simply creating a more enjoyable outdoor living space.

Or you simply need a repair or re-touch your landscape.

Already have a Landscape design blueprint but struggling to find a company that understands it? Our team at RGB landscaping, we specialize in reading them, giving you a Detailed scope of work that needs to be done.

25+ Years of Experience

100% Customer Satisfaction

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship


Our Services

Lawn maintenance 

Tree & Palm Trimming

Landscape ideas: Xeriscaping, River Rock landscape, Ground Cover landscape, native plant landscape drought tolerant landscape, Coastal Landscaping, Desert Landscaping, rock garden, succulents landscape.

Yard Clean-ups & Overgrown plants, shrubs that need to be trimmed

Sod Installs: St Augustine, Marathon

Synthetic Turf: Installs and Power Broom

Planting: Seasonal Color, Evergreen Plants, shrubs, Roses, Tress & Palms, Privacy hedges
Flower Beds


Mulching & Re-Mulching

Adding and Re-touch Decorative Rocks Decomposed Granite (DG)

Railroad Ties: Steps and Retaining Wall


​Cross wire trellis for vines

Erosion Control: Jute Netting

Plam and Tree Trimming, Removal and Stump Grinding

Root Barrier for trees and palms

Concrete stepping stones

Bend a board edging

Drip System Installation and Repair

Out Door lighting: Repair and installation

Drainage: Adding, Repair and Removing Roots

Irrigation: Repair and installation

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