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Irrigation Services

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By RGB landscaping
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Irrigation Diagnostic

Before we start working, we do an Irrigation Diagnostic, we inspect each station that could possibly cause your water bill to spike. Take action now to prevent excessive water usage, we’ll minimize your water wastage.

In time, every sprinkler system will eventually have some type of leak.

Just remember the longer you wait, it can cause problems to your house foundation, stucco, lawn and plants.

Why struggle with irrigation on your own when you can hire a specialist.

25+ Years of Experience

100% Customer Satisfaction

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship


Our Services
Installation and Repair

Drip System

Drainage: French & Surface

Irrigation Mainline and Laterals Pvc Pipe 

New Irrigation Valve Manifold

Anti-Siphon and In-line Valves

Irrigation Master Valves

Sprinklers & Rotor Sprinklers

Prevent Run-off: Spray Nozzle Adjustments

Pressure Vacuum Breaker

Backflow Preventers

Hose Bib

Brass Ball Valve

Locating Irrigation Wires and Valves

Sprinkler Wire and Direct Burial Wire

Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler Controller & Battery Operated Valve

Solenoid Issues

Solder Copper Irrigation Pipe

Mapping your irrigation zones

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